As Requested:

Cucumber Salad:

1 Cup Mayo (you can sub MiracleW or sour cream) I like MiracleW the best… I know it’s bad but I love it!  Substituting with sour cream makes it taste more like a Greek cucumber salad

¼ Cup Sugar

5 Teaspoons Vinegar

5 Table spoons fresh Dill (Omit if pregnant or on TWW) Or increase if not… YUM!

5 Medium thinly sliced Cucumbers (Peeled)

4 Green Onions

Combine sauce mixture and then add cucumbers

Chill 1 hour before serving: I don’t always wait but honestly its best after it sits (better even overnight)

TWW is progressing slowly… We’re around 5or6 DPO and blood test isn’t until next Wednesday…One week away!  We plan to do a HPT before the blood test as to not be going in blindly but what am I suppose to do for the next week? I think this being our first cycle back after an unplanned break has raised the impatience level slightly.