Frustration, Confusion, Progesterone

In above mentioned order:

Friday I was briefly overwhelmed by embarrassing frustration brought on by learning of someone’s pregnancy announcement. I hate that such a wonderful time for someone else, results in me becoming a ball of crying mess, hovered on the bathroom floor for over an hour.

Ultrasound saturday didn’t reveal any measurable follicles. 15 and 20 small on each side but nothing above 10mm. At first the disappointment was overwhelming but I’m now trying to embrace slower developing higher quality follicles in our future. The injectable protocol makes everything new and the uncertainty of how my body will react is frightening. I fear a cancelled cycle and desperately want to know what’s going on in there… We continue to shoot me up until my next ultrasound on Tuesday.

Procuring progesterone suppositories has been a nightmare…  First we had no idea that this product would come in a compounding kit, that the pharmacy would need to make and then we would need to refrigerate… Once we got over this shock and visited 3 different pharmacies to find some in stock… We were then shocked by the sticker price. I had responsibly called my insurance pharmacy line and I was quoted a 5 dollar copay per 30 day supply… Well when we found a pharmacy that carried the compound in stock the price was going to be closer to 80 dollars.

I know many don’t have pharmacy coverage at all and gratefully we do… So we would have just paid for it but I got concerned that we were getting the wrong thing and began to doubt all of it. After many calls to my insurance company it was determined that they had quoted us for progesterone oil used with intramuscular injections not suppositories. So now we have a dilemma… Do we pay a higher cost for suppositories or do we ask for a prescription for the injectable kind… Can we even handle the injections? They involve an entirely different realm of needles compared to our little tummy ones… The intramuscular ones are huge and scary. What do we do? Any advice or notable experiences with either option?