Progesterone advice…

Progesterone level before IUI today still low @ 1.35… From my research this would mean I hadn’t ovulated or possibly that I was nearing ovulation??? But that number is double from yesterdays .67… Anyone think it would be worth it to do another IUI tomorrow? My gut says tomorrow is too late but I just don’t know… Maybe I’ll jut wait and see if my temp spikes tomorrow morning?

Today didn’t go perfectly… New sperm donors count was disappointing but one positive was that nothing hurt as compared to other IUI’s. Could indicate good timing right?

They tried to desperately convince me that I shouldn’t be using OPK’s (probably true) and because of this the positive I detected was inaccurate. Making my timing off and their’s correct… After my IUI, while still lying down, I got a lecture about trusting their judgement and something like an ultimatum about deciding when I will be willing to let go of control and get pregnant will be when I trust in them??? I of course met this with crying dramatically.

They have me schedule for a repeat progesterone check this Thursday because I think they’re worried about low progesterone being my issue all along. This cycle has been challenging and I’m kinda ready for the TWW but still not sure if we should schedule another IUI for tomorrow???