Beautiful day…

Well – I decided to wait and see what my temp looked like this morning before adding another IUI… My body was telling me I ovulated yesterday – even if the doctors were doubting me… And I’m glad I waited because my temp raised nearly 1.23 and is now well above 98 degrees. My instincts were right – from everything I can decipher I ovulated yesterday… From my lower progesterone level it was most likely in the later afternoon. But an IUI today in my opinion would have been a waste.


I feel confident that I know my body so well and I feel reassured that my aggressive approach was justified. Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement yesterday. I needed it. I felt bullied and manipulated. Today I feel proud of my body for communicating so well and reassured that even if this try doesn’t take – I’m making the process fit me.


I feel in my heart that this try is special… Growing up I always thought I would have a child before my 27th birthday… My golden birthday… It’s just a feeling I’ve always had… A feeling that this would be my time. Well this is the last try that would lead to that outcome… And surprisingly I feel comforted knowing that… I feel strong, confident and in control. Maybe this is a turning point or maybe it’s just an outward expression of the “I’m right – you’re wrong” dance I’ve been performing in head today. On my drive into work I felt content… the Minnesota sky was beautifully filled with low clouds, dramatically divided by fierce rays of sun light. Just before arriving, a rainbow stretched over nearly half the sky.