I’ve been silently waiting

How is this wait not over yet…? 

I think I presumed silence would make it go faster… I guess I was wrong. 

It was going fairly quickly until this week caught up and successfully slowed everything down. The progesterone suppositories haven’t been fun for every conceivable reason but will be absolutely worth it! I am slightly grateful for its disguising powers, as all potential symptoms are easily blamed on its horridness. *** However, maybe not my new found LOVE for mustard but that could be blamed on just about anything. 

Progesterone was checked again at 6DPO and it was at 25. A very good number they reported. No more blood draws. Temperature charting has been rather weird this month – with every day fluctuating from up to down but with a consistent rise in both the low points and high points. Never seen this pattern before: 


Today is 10DPO and testing is just around the corner… Our official testing date falls on September 11th. A kind of ominous day as is… So were thinking 9-10-2010 sounds even better. I’m entirely and overwhelmingly nervous this time and honestly I may be too scared to test early anyways… Maybe 9-12-2010 is best of all…