And we danced…

Just a quick Monday update because I’m exhausted from traveling yesterday to a wedding in a neighboring state.

Friday we attended a refreshing and sole quenching CD-release concert for this musician. Who holds a sacred place in our hearts because the day I met my wife – we cuddled and took in a performance by her. On Friday we found out her and longtime partner had a baby a few weeks prior. The CD’s title track “Right On Time”  was dedicated to their beautiful baby girl.    

Sunday morning started with our CD-7 ultrasound and everything is moving along quickly this cycle! I had a nice 12mm follicle on the right and 3 almost 10mm’s vying for attention on the left. I have a follow-up appointment Wednesday but if things continue progressing– home insems could begin on Wednesday/Thursday and IUI could be Friday.

After our morning appointment we rushed home to prepare for a wedding that was taking place a few hours from home.

Once dressed in black and white wedding attire (dress code provided on invite) we piled in the car, picked up close family and made the trek to celebrate a childhood friends wedding. The wedding ceremony was extremely touching and included my friends beautiful twin daughters (from a previous relationship) in the vow portion. Everything about the day was magical – the experience of a community coming together to bless this new family carried substantial weight for me. It wasn’t merely about the joining of two people but encompassed the recognition of family and substantiated the promises each member made. It was simply beautiful.

The remainder of the night was spent in an outdoor wonderland which they crafted with large canopy tents draped with magical strands of colored lights. Blissful and passionate conversations filled the brisk outdoor celebration as old friends reunited. The tent filled with music and beckoned inspired dancing. The surrounding grounds were separated into intimate seating areas circling brilliant fall fires and trickling ponds. It was a night to be remembered and treasured as an example of how love and family merge together and the beauty of what is exposed in the process. (pictures to follow…)