Bad day…

Well both appointments went horribly today…

First I was scheduled for an ultrasound then a consultation with my doctor.

Ultrasound showed diminished growth for one follicle and slight growth for the other. We now sit at 12mm for each of the two follicles and I have a lining of 10B. The new plan: we are doubling our dosage of Bra*velle for the next 2 days and then back in on Sunday to check progress. I’m frustrated to say the least. I left the ultrasound feeling defeated and fearful that we are heading towards a repeat of this cycle.

The consultation didn’t go much better… We’ve been at the fertility factory for 6 months (trying for almost a year) and this is only the second time I’ve meet our doctor. I had forgotten how charming and yet controlling she was. She recognized all my frustrations but clearly didn’t believe I was in a place to trust her practice. She didn’t come out and say “I think you should leave” but she did offer more than once to help us transfer to another practice or another doctor.

Then halfway into the meeting she pulled out a sheet explaining the difficulty of treating a person with PCOS… Something I’ve never been diagnosed with and that threw me for a loop. Why wasn’t I told this before now? I’m so confused… I’ve ovulated regularly with no worries the majority of my life and I don’t seem to have any of the other presenting conditions but she thinks I have it???   

We ended with her stating with confidence that I would get pregnant with IVF… but where does this leave us. We don’t have 10-24 thousand dollars sitting around to pay for all this. So it would mean a loan. My next question is what plan do we select? Do we choose the one shot option costing around 10 grand or the guarantee option that covers us for 3 fresh attempts and will refund 100% if we don’t get pregnant?

I guess we wait and see what Sunday brings and hope like hell my follicles get it together and grow!