The comeback Cycle…

We started Sunday in the waiting room of the Re’s office… Waiting anxiously until they called us back 25 minuets after our scheduled appointment… But all was forgiven when the numbers came in.

12B lining and 2 beautiful 16mm follies on the same side! It looks like doubling Bra*velle did the trick… Or maybe it was the threat of IVF… Anyhow, this cycle has taken shape and things are moving quickly.

I have another ultrasound tomorrow morning because I had suck quick progress and a high estradiol result they don’t want to miss anything. We plan on starting home insems with KD tomorrow night. Does that seem like good timing?

I guess both follies could be at 18mm by tomorrow and we could be looking at triggering tomorrow night. Making targeted (36 hour) ovulation around Wednesday Morning. So this would mean an insem Monday/ Tuesday would cover the 2 days prior to ovulation. Then we would conclude with a clinic IUI Wednesday morning. If you could spare any luck we would gladly take some!