An update on a sad day:

Today we got word that my best friends SIL lost her beautiful son Ayrie. He was an incredible four-year old with a wise and sweet spirit. Ayrie suffered from recurrent respiratory papillomatosis, a condition that causes Benign tumors to develop on his vocal chords, which restricts breathing. This amazing little boy had upwards of 21 surgical procedures over the last thirty-one months but every time I saw him he was filled with inquisitive joy and passion. His volume of courage is rarely seen in adults and his sweet memory will live on in all those who were blessed to have met him. He passed away this morning in Boston having been rushed there yesterday for surgery.

His incredible inspiring mother created the below website about rare disease support and is the cofounder of Tombolo, a non-profit organization that helps families find support for children with rare diseases and works to develop connections within their communities. and

I will update tomorrow on how yesterdays home and today’s office inseminations went but for now my heart is breaking for the loss of this beautiful boy and my thoughts and love go out to his family.