TWW – day one:

Just a quick update on the at home O-cup method and the 36-hour post trigger IUI.

Both went rather seamlessly…

Minus some initial discomfort while inserting the O-cup I think it really helped. We were a little concerned about getting it in place but after some maneuvering and a little pain it seemed to find the perfect resting place. We inserted the cup about a half hour before the at home insem in order to get comfortable with it. However, I don’t think getting “comfortable” is really possible as the stem portion was awkward and the whole thing felt completely wrong for the first few hours. But I think it did its job nicely…

Removing the cup the next morning made for some additional giggles but luckily nothing was left in the cup on its exit because it kind of flew out once we got brave enough to just P.U.L.L… I think we both shrieked a little as it took flight but all in all both home inseminations went really smoothly.

We followed the O-cup removal with an office IUI at 36 hours post trigger. Everything seemed to line up nicely and my stress level was non-existent. We had a very pregnant nurse do our IUI and she was gentle and talkative. I’ve had her before for ultrasounds and we’ve had our differences but on this day she was calm, genuine and hopeful. Our swimmers had a much stronger count and everything was relatively painless.

So now we sit at 1DPO – I plan on trying my best to forget we’re in a TWW and relax.