Questions part 1:

Thank you for all the questions… I’ll start anwering them in groups.  First up… provided by 10stix2weeksrepeat : 

What is the best/worst thing about your jobs?

I honestly don’t love my job but I ended up here during a really desperate time and I stayed here because of the high pay and fertility / LD benefits. I took this job after being unexpectedly laid off from my previous employer. I had 3 or 4 months of unemployment and we needed me to find a job. So when this one fell into my lap by recommendation of a pervious coworker, I had no choice but to take it. I’ve worked in construction for almost five years now and I worry about being pigeonholed in the field. I still find myself devouring nonprofit communication job postings and in an effort to ease my longing for employment depth and job transition, I’ve taken to drafting other’s resumes and cover letters.    

I long to use my degree (communication) and my brain more than I currently do at work and I miss writing and editing substantial content. Right now my only writing consists of construction contracts, mitigating project change orders and processing payment requisitions. I work for a small company (8 people) and I proofread a ton but that’s not what I thought I would be doing with my degree… I enjoy developing creative content… not developing legal protection documents. But for now, it’s a job that pays me really well and the company seems to genuinely care about my well being.    

 Where else have you lived and when/why?

The only other state I planted roots in was North Carolina. Right out of HS I got a really good ride to attend a Quaker liberal arts college in Greensboro. I lived in NC for about a year but ultimately moved back to MN. I don’t think I was ready to take learning seriously and was too consumed with coming out and youth filled drama. Sometimes I worry that both J and I missed our opportunities to travel and live in other places but we also bought a home at 19, started a family and love our settled existence. We talk about how great it would be to retire in a RV and traveling around the country… So I think we will get the chance to travel both with children and then together.     

If you could move anywhere in the county would you? Why?

I have a strong desire to live in another state but we haven’t had any opportunities arise. I’m pulled in the direction of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. The most concrete reason why I would like to live in another state would be my desire to be intimately familiar with more of the world. I’ve lived in Minnesota the majority of my life and it doesn’t scare me and most of it’s fullness doesn’t surprise me anymore. I love it here and I look forward to exploring it with our child but I would also like to call somewhere else home – even for just a short period of time. I like the idea of being enthralled in newness.