Questions Part 2:

Thank you again for all the distraction ideas and questions. Friday is almost over (at least the work part) and the weekend is nearly here. My emotions are all over the map and I’m anxious just to know where everything stands. I will keep you all posted.

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What are your favorite movies?

I’m a movie person but I can’t really claim favorites. One that ranks at the top is Waitress with Kerri Russell. I like the story behind the actual story that details the writer/producer and I love the beautiful pies. I can take a guess at my Wife’s favorite… As she can be frequently found late at night, huddled in the basement, watching Brokeback Mountain.

What is your favorite memory from childhood:?

I have a wonderful childhood memory from the year my brother and I collected discarded Christmas trees and made a tree cemetery in the back yard. We would bundle up and walk the surrounding neighborhood finding lonely trees and then drag them back home. By the time we were done we had the backyard covered with them. The best part was that we claimed they were magical giving trees. Each of us would hide items underneath them and claim the trees were so grateful for being rescued that they provided us with gifts. This went on for far too long.

What is your favorite dessert?

I adore fruit desserts… Specifically I’m fascinated with the combination of tart and sweet. It’s a complex relationship that demands balance and one that I enjoy playing around with. One of my favorites is rhubarb crisp. I also live for old-fashioned biscuit strawberry shortcake. Where the crumbly biscuits are pronounced and their starchiness overpowers the sweet strawberries.


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Did you always know you were gay? If not, what was your journey like? Is there anything you would change about how you got where you are today?

I’m sure my story isn’t all that unique but college brought most of the gay out of me.  However when I came out to my parents, my mother’s response was something like, “Oh I know – I’ve known for a long time” … Oh how I look forward to parenthood and that knowledge. I definitely had strong girl crushes in high school and acted on a few of them but it wasn’t until I was miles from home that I began to realize how much more comfortable I was in my skin. I went to a liberal college, chose to live in the all women’s dorm and quickly made community. I don’t honestly think I would do much different – except maybe my first real girlfriend… who turned out to be really straight and broke my heart.