I have a schedule of sorts…

I may be a little overwhelmed but I’m excited.

  • 10/15 – 11/16 BC Pills
  • 10/18 Saline Infused Sonogram/Trial transfer
  • 10/26 RN Consult (go over medication & plan)
  • 11/18 Baseline Ultrasound
  • 11/19 Start Stimulation meds
  • 11/28 (tentative) Egg retrieval
  • 12/3 (tentative) 5-Day Transfer


I was so wired last night – primarily from all the IVF planning but also from accidentally taking a few pain pills that contained caffeine. I was having extremely painful cramps and I took something I found at work. It was the biggest mistake ever – I was off the walls all night and then crashed hard. I’ve been without caffeine for practically a year and 3 pills felt like I was ready to run a marathon.


So things are moving quickly and I’m a little nervous. Especially for this sonogram on Monday. My biggest fear is that we discover polyps, fibroids or something even scarier. Maybe discover the reason I’m not pregnant at the “young” age of 26 after a year of aggressive trying. What if I’m broken… I know I’m being dramatic but I’m really nervous. I’m even nervous they will find something that’s easily fixable because then we will have wasted a year of trying and lots of money… So honestly I think I’m hoping they find no reason as to why I’m still not pregnant after a year and lots of IUIs.


Also looking for advice on what sort of time people took off after the retrieval and then after the transfer. Being the holiday season will actually make it easier to take time off and I’m just wondering what has worked for others? I’ll be having lots (every other day) appointments the week of Thanksgiving and otherwise schedule isn’t as invasive as I thought it would be. Thank you again for all the support!