All cleared…

I can check painful and expensive sonogram off my list of things to do… But at least it rendered good news… My uterus is clean (no polyps or fibroids) and the only concern was a potentially harder to access left ovary for egg retrieval.  

Dr. didn’t seem overly concerned about it because she thinks both my ovaries will make lots and lots of eggs. Possible too many which may also be a concern but one that she thinks can be monitored nicely. So… I’m cleared to move forward.

She apologized for our last meeting as she didn’t think it went too well. She said she talked with the evil IUI nurse who we had an issue with and that we shouldn’t really come into contact with her again. And if we do, she’s been warned to “be nice”.

She asked if we were planning on doing the “multiple try” option and I said no. That we were putting all our eggs in one basket – literally – and she said well then let’s get you pregnant!

So here we go… One more hurdle crossed. I continue taking the BC pills and we have our medication meeting in a week.