Googling revisited:

My brain seems to be working overtime lately to accommodate all this new IVF information. The questions are mounting and so I’m attempting to be more proactive.

I had a massage on Saturday and I start acupuncture tonight. I’ve used acupuncture in the past but haven’t used it during the TTC process. I’ve heard just as many positive stories as I’ve read sad stories but I figure it can’t hurt and I may regret not doing it. So I found a nice practice 10 minutes from home that I should be able to travel to easily before and after my transfer.

I’m overwhelmed by all the new googling opportunities that IVF introduces and I must set a limit for my sanity. Currently my top four:

  1. Sites for discounted stimulation meds
  2. Folgard – will it hurt if I don’t have confirmed MTHFR
  3. IVF success rates by age
  4. Embryo grading     

This is going to be a long 30 days of waiting for the stim phase to start…