Quick update:

Swimmers are officially ordered… How crazy is that, this is actually going to happen. We’re doing IVF. It honestly blows my mind. We ordered 2 unwashed vials of a new ID option donor who we’re quite excited about. Everything is moving quickly.

We got our pre-pay statements yesterday which means we will be writing some huge checks in the near future…

My first acupuncture session went really well… However it made me extremely tired and achy the following day. My next session is Tuesday. Then I will start going twice a week.

Tuesday is also our RN medication meeting where we will go over our plan and get everything organized. This is also when we will find out just how many other drugs we will need to purchase. S.C.A.R.Y… Hoping it’s not too much.

For the first time this morning I actually looked at my birth control pack and realized (being new to these evil pills) it’s a great way for me to visualize just how fast this is happening. I got a little excited and then a little more nervous.

My most recent fear/obsession is OHSS… I think I’m at high risk for this and it scares the crap out of me. Another dear blogger just experienced a bad case and it resulted in her cycle being canceled. She could use some love and support. Find her here.