over pouring gratitude

Yesterday’s RN medication meeting went well… Overwhelming but productive. We asked questions, made plan changes and wrote a really large check. We even got enough endometrin samples to cover our cycle for free! It was a good days work.  

Due to the amazing support and generosity we received from this community, we are only short on a few medications. Our gratitude is over pouring and some enormous thank you’s need to be circulated.

To these ladies for the encouragement to keep moving forward and for my first batch of Bravelle, menopure, Vivelle, Ganirelix, and progesterone in oil.

To this local gal for the generous supply of Bravelle & Vivelle. We will have our Thai date soon…  

To these wonderful new mamas for providing me with a box of Menopur

To these lovely ladies for an additional Menopur vial

To these soon to be mamas for the Crinone progesterone and estrogen tablets  

And lastly, to this amazing community for providing a continual stream of support, guidance and love. You’re all amazing and we’re extremely grateful.

Wordle… Link stolen from this newly found blogger’s site and posted just because it’s supper cool! You should try it.