Moving on:

It’s been a little hour to hour lately but I wanted to send some huge thank you’s out to this community for your support. The common thread I found from reading all your comments was to take care of myself and focus on the excitement that IVF initially brought.

I’m beyond frustrated by the situation but it’s out of my control. It isn’t my life and it doesn’t impact that this is still OUR time. It’s sad that it could be the end of a friendship but this isn’t something I need to process right now. I don’t need negativity and I definitely don’t need unsupportive people. I have enough to think about with an impending IVF cycle (9bcp left!) and it’s been taking most of my energy just to stop crying.

On a happy note: This weekend we did go out and buy my retrieval/transfer socks… They are absolutely perfect. Then today my sweet wife presented me with a little gift. I had found it online a few months ago but thought it was too expensive. Well I guess she bought it and was just waiting for the right moment to give it to me. Today was that day.


Hope necklace