I’m liking it:

I thought I would dedicate a quick post to my experience so far with acupuncture. I chose the cost-effective community setting – with room for 6 individual sessions. After my consultation it was suggested I come twice a week until I become pregnant… then I would drop to once a week. Today is my 7th session and I’m starting to enjoy going. It’s like my body can sense when it’s been too long.

Initially I wasn’t sure if I would like it – being seriously afraid of needles, so I scheduled appointments out about 1.5 months… My theory being – I wouldn’t have the chance to chicken out… I schedule all my appointments for Tuesdays and Thursdays… Well I’m now realizing come Tuesday I’m almost craving it… How weird is that?  Maybe it’s just the act of making time for myself that I enjoy, or the space to reflect, relax and re-center. But whatever it is – I’m liking it.

My sessions last about 1.5 hours and are getting more and more intense. We began primarily with finger and foot placements but have now moved onto face, head and ears… Last session I think I counted 6 in one of my ears… and then I decided it was best not to count… I leave each time feeling relaxed and rather zen… Something I really didn’t expect. So hopefully tonight’s session relieves some of this past weeks stress and helps me to refocus… One week readers! That’s what’s left of my counting.