Is anyone else out there a visual processor… Someone who writing out a letter – even with no intention of sending it – finds some form of closure? Any others find yourself writing mental letters as your drifting to sleep and then debating if you should send them…

So a confession. I’m kinda just getting by. I’ve been living the “fake it till you make it” philosophy for the past week now and I’m just waiting for it to truly sink in. For it to take over my core and be less fake. I feel like I know where my head “should” be – or more accurately where it needs to be. But I’m finding some kind of disconnect in my new mottos application? If that makes any sense. I thought writing someone off – or at least – writing off how someone treats you. Would be somehow easier. Less painful. Or less encompassing. But it isn’t. It’s a daily struggle. A vacant hole of regrets and missed opportunities.

Why won’t my heart catch up to my head… Today I’m trying to find solace in the reality that a week from today – we will get a green light and be moving full force ahead.  

This has become a sad post… Sorry.