IVF Week 1, Day 1:

So – this is the week. Our week. The week we have our first ever IVF ultrasound and I don’t think I’ve been more scared. Primarily scared for things to be derailed… Our last cycle was so emotionally draining that I didn’t post much of a wrap up on it but there were some developments… In the uterus department that is.  

On CD-7 following my last IUI cycle I had my IVF trial transfer/sonogram. During which they found my first ever cyst. It was large… I can’t really remember how large but it looked scary. Maybe 12-16mm? My doctor didn’t seem the slightest bit concerned stating it was just left over from ovulation.

At the time my brain was so over stimulated that I didn’t think enough about it to get worried. But now as I’ve been googling to prepare for the coming weeks, I’m starting to get worried. I keep finding more and more accounts of how cysts can lead to delayed cycles. So I’m actually kind of freaking OUT! Tomorrow is my last BCP and it will have been 4.5 weeks of taking them and hopefully this has been enough time to deplete the cysts energy source… Has anyone else had a large cyst the month prior to IVF that was able to dissipate on its own or with BCP? Hope please…