IVF Week 1, Day 2:

I feel so blessed. Thank you for all your wonderful responses to my cyst freak out. I’m feeling reassured and much calmer… Oh and I’m staying off google! At least until Thursday… This is a quick one but here are a few exciting updates:

  1. Yesterday we received a beautiful fully paid IVF receipt (might be frame worthy)
  2. Today was my last BC pill: meaning I can cross one more thing off my list
  3. A few things I’ve changed to prepare for this cycle (along with acupuncture) that I think are going well. I increased VitD to 2400IU from 400IU and added folgard. I knew nothing about vitD’s importance until my doctor recommended it. 200iu’s is still the standard amount found in prenatals but no longer the recommended dosage. Vitamin D is linked to how estrogen acts in the uterus, particularly in regard to development of the lining. Subsequently if vitamin D levels are low,  your uterus may not develop a sufficient lining that is able to hold onto your embryo – which in turn frequently leads to very early stage miscarriage. I’m feeling like my supplements are in line and I’m ready to go! 
  4. Next item: passing ultrasound & blood work Thursday! This is really happening.