IVF Week 1, Day 5: Stims Begin!

Quick Friday update:

  • First injection is complete! We’re officially into the stimulation phase of this process. It’s crazy to think how many drugs we’re injecting in comparison to previous IUI cycles. I realize we’re aiming to grow a few years worth of eggs vs. just 1-2 but it’s a whole lot of meds…
  • With the increased dosage – I’m experiencing increased symptoms. Yuck.
  • Bleeding started today which with a lining of 6 I didn’t really expect – along with horrible cramps… Just what I need during our first shot night.
  • I got a call today from the RE’s office regarding the nationwide shortage of Gan.irelix… It seems to have everyone in a slight tizzy. I’m still waiting to decide how to progress. Where to find some and how many to stock pile? Any other IVFiers have experience with this drug and if so how many did you use for your cycle? We have three right now. Might not need more but there is always the worry of what if…