IVF Stims Day 4: Updated

This post is for documentation purposes only… My crankiness only slightly overshadows all my nervous IVF excitement. I had my blood draw this morning. Still waiting on results.

It’s Monday, day 4 of stim shots and it’s not that I didn’t take the warnings seriously but I didn’t think it would come on this strong… I don’t feel well already. Today has introduced a new level of feeling sick…

Here is the rundown… My bladder feels constantly full even after I pee. My chest feels warm? Like, It’s radiating warmness that stretches from my chest to my stomach which in turn results in nausea. Crazy bad heartburn maybe? And being prone to migraines, it’s not a surprise I’ve been fighting one off all morning. My belly has been responding poorly to the menopure shots and I have painful  little red dots on my stomach and it’s only Monday… Just a few minutes ago, I excused myself and went to lie on the floor in an upstairs office. Not to mention my emotions are off the charts…

However, there are still many things I’m grateful for including:

I work for a super small company and can be late coming in without much notice and I can excuse myself to an upstairs office to lie on the floor in agony. I can wear jeans or even sweats if I want and no one will comment or notice… And the biggest thing… Is this little company is helping to make IVF an option for us. And I’m extremely grateful.

Update: E2 level came back at 145 – which they deemed perfect! After three doses of meds it seems like a strong number… I will be keeping the same med dosage until ultrasound on Wednesday. *** Lunch didn’t really happen today but everything has been improved by splurging on a delicious raspberry steamer!