IVF Stims Day 6:

This morning I went in for my first post-stim ultrasound. I was beyond anxious to get my first follicle count and sadly I’m a little disappointed with the results. I know it’s still early… and I’ve only had 5 nights of stim shots but with how much they prepared me for over stimming, I expected a little more activity in there.

Currently I have 6 follies around 11-12mm on my right ovary and 3 around 10mm on my left. And then 11 and 15 smalls respectively. The nurse seemed pleased and said some have more and some have none that register at this stage. She thought everything was progressing nicely and told me not to worry.

But I expected more, so I’m slightly disappointed. This is our one big shot and I guess I was counting on having more to work with. I’m holding out hope that more are coming and I should hear back on the blood levels this afternoon, which will determine my med protocol until I return on Friday.