Retrieval Story

Today, I’m at work (only because I’m almost out of PTO) and I’m just trying to get to the end of the day… For starters I will never take the statement “I’m bloated” for granted ever again. Because honestly I don’t think I’ve ever been “bloated” before in my life. At least I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I could probably be mistaken for a few months pregnant and the waddle when I walk isn’t helping. I’m fortunate to work with very few people and today most of them are at an offsite meeting.

I’ve loved reading everyone’s ER stories and they’ve all been so helpful, so I decided I’d better post mine before I forget all the details.

The retrieval itself went really well. Before my procedure I had scheduled acupuncture and I left the appointment feeling centered. However increasingly hungry and thirsty… Due to no food or water since dinner the night before. We arrived early at the fertility office and were left to wait for what felt like forever. I was in some major pain at this point and was beyond ready for some relief. Finally we were called back where I was instructed to get dressed and we met with our IVF nurse.

J and I were surprisingly calm as we joked about how huge the hair net and required booties were… I looked ridiculous and tiny draped in them. Our nurse went over everything and then things started moving quickly. First we met with the anesthesiologist who was hilarious… He lightened the mood and made me feel comfortable. He joked upon entering our room about having to guess at who the egg hostess was… That it couldn’t possibly be the one in the blue gown, hunched over in pain… He was nice and comforting – I even received a sweet follow-up call later in the afternoon. He briefed us on all the medications he would be administering (there were lots) and ended with some joke about how they use only the best drugs, including the one that killed Michael Jackson… Seeing our faces fill with fear he closed by assuring us that he was the best at his job and Michael would have been lucky to have him. Or something like that?   

Next the on call doctor came in who we decided was just alright. He was a man of few words. Said a few things about how many eggs he anticipated. How long it should take. His concerns about overstimulation and the symptoms to watch for… And then he was out and they were bringing me back.   

Next thing I remember I was in the operating room. The only pain I felt was the huge sting from the Novocain for the IV and the last thing I remember before passing out was being asked how I wanted my martini… Shaken or stirred… When I came to I was already in the recovery room asking how many eggs they got (over and over I guess?) We stayed until I could keep down crackers and then we were sent off with a prescription. I had slight bouts of uncontrollable shivering before leaving and a few pain induced dizzy spells but otherwise I was good to go. The whole thing was manageable – I think the perfect word to describe it. Not pleasant and not a piece of cake but absolutely manageable.

Now a question… Has anyone else been driven crazy by the prescribed antibiotics? So I’m to take them 4 times a day. First they suggest with meals and before bed but the bottle clearly says: not to be taken within 2 hours of ingesting dairy & vitamins and within 1 hour of food. To be taken on an empty stomach… How confusing… Also anyone take a probiotic with them… Or I guess I should say either 2 hours before or after?