Fertilization report & tears

Numbers are in and they’re a little on the scary side. Things didn’t go as wonderfully as we hoped. I understand why our clinic waits 2 days for the fertilization report. Things can change quickly.  

Of the 19 retrieved 12 were considered mature

Of the 12 mature eggs there were 2 polyps (???) leaving 10 mature

Of the 10 mature only 8 fertilized

Of the 8 that fertilized only 5 did so normally

So we are left with 5 embies who are chugging along

4 of them are currently at 2 cells and one little overachiever is at 3 cells

This is an incredibly scary waiting game. There is potential that the 3 they’re still watching could catch up but we just have to wait and see. The results are not what we all hoped for but we’re still scheduled for a 5 day transfer on Sunday. Getting to Saturday our next update is going to be extremely challenging but I’m happy we have 5 little ones growing.

Please be thinking of us and our little growing embies. We already love them so much.