Today is 3 days past our 5 day transfer or 8 days past ovulation. So to say I’m getting curious of the outcome is an absolute understatement. Simply put, I want to know! Either way I want to know. That being said – I’m feeling relatively calm, focused and surprisingly centered. I think this is zen I’m feeling and besides my brief googling episode yesterday researching cramping, I’m really doing alright…

The morning of the transfer – after going to acupuncture, drinking my weight in water and downing a valium… We changed into our surgical outfits… Which I got a complete kick out of nearly laughing till I cried – dispelling any doubts the valium wasn’t working… Then we sat quietly waiting for our embie report… Time stood still and I remember my mind was racing – wondering how our little ones were doing.

Finally the doctor entered and said we had four left including 2 strong blasts and I think this is when I took my first real post retrieval deep breath. With the photo in his hand the doctor explained their intricacies to us and we listened in awe… I remember realizing that these were little parts of me… Beautiful little thriving embryos, embryos we worked towards together, who we already loved so much! The doctor said that with their quality we had a 73% chance putting both beauties back and a 52% chance of twins… We looked at each other, paused a moment and then nodded with approval.

The transfer itself was simple yet magical. Like a beautifully choreographed dance and as we rested afterward the emotion of it all caught both of us. The flicker of light as the little embies were released into my uterus is something most people never get to experience. There is magic there… In that flicker. So now we wait a few more days to find out just how much magic happened that day. We stay positive and breathe deep and trust in the knowledge that we’ve done absolutely everything right. We’ve done everything we can to make this happen and I’m trusting in my body to know the rest.