5dp5dt… Or 10DPO

Still here… Still waiting. But the wait is starting to get to me – like really get to me. This is such a rollercoaster and my emotions are beyond manipulated by all the hormone supplements. This morning my drive into work was a wreck… I couldn’t stop crying. I kept flipping stations but everything brought on tears. Then I found a children’s cancer music drive and it was over – I was bawling… I finished my drive in silence.

The night before last – I think every TV commercial made me cry… from REI to pledge… Then last night I tried to watch the Oprah special but again started getting weepy… For no apparent reason, seeing as I’ve never watched a single episode of her show… So I took a nap instead. I think my brain is over stimulated and my heart is feeling vulnerable. I think I’m ready for an answer but equally petrified of that answer. I think however hard I anticipated this process to be – it has stretched me beyond.