6dp5dt Photo Comparison

Well just a quick morning photo comparison assignment… It looks darker right?

Those who have followed our journey for a while can understand my distrust in light lines – for me a light line has never been a lasting line so for now… we’re just waiting to see where this goes. These tests were only taken 8 hours apart and the one from this morning is darker… Noticeable in person – maybe not on screen.

It’s still crazy early (11DPO) so now we’re just hoping like hell my body starts pumping HCG like mad and this little bean continues thriving. My main spark of encouragement rests on never having seen any kind of line develop as early as 10DPO…So my hopes are this is a strong bean that we’re just catching really early.

So for today, I’m calling it.. Pregnant.

Comparison Flash

6dp5dt AM