Chicken, Avocado and some tears…

A few blog confessions… On the hard between betas day.

First: I’m eating chicken… Only the best kind I guess – hormone free, organic, local free range, or something – I can’t cook it or look at it but I’m eating it. I’ve been a vegetarian for most of my life but added in the chicken when diagnosed with the scary OHSS because I had to cut out all my other vegetarian protein sources… Oh and I’ve found eating it with avocado makes it taste better!

Second: I peed on a stick this morning and it wasn’t much darker… Or darker at all? I couldn’t handle it and I think I’m done with the sticks. I’m hoping the stick just didn’t have anymore darkness to gather and that everything is fine. But I’m sure you can guess where my thoughts went. I’ve had no major cramping or really any cramping, no spotting and can check extreme exhaustion off my list but the worries still creep in.  

Please let tomorrow come quickly and with it some reassurance.