Today was the day I was planning to share some of my tww symptoms – some of the things that tipped us off. Things I’d never experienced before. The day I was finally planning to be brave enough to share how I’ve been feeling… which has been pregnantish… But then this morning it happened. (TMI Alert)

I woke up early to pee and found about a quarter size spot of brownish spotting. Nothing more when I used the bathroom – just the one spot which must have happened overnight. A little more was visible when inserting my endometrin that resembled a diluted rust color but nothing else. I’ve had nothing up until today but now I’m scared.

Of course I peed on a pregnancy test and the pregnant line came up record fast and record dark. As it seems to be successfully sucking all the color from the nearly nonexistent control line but I’m still scared.

I called the nurse line and they reassured me that brown is normal and most likely left over endometrin from my twice daily inserts. But I’m not fully reassured. They said take it easy, increase fluids, continue my prescriptions and come in Thursday for a beta. This is going to be a long and terrifying wait. Any reassurance would be much appreciated.