Spotting update:

Or should I say Spot Update. Seeing as there was just the one spot. There’s been nothing more since yesterday and I’m feeling reassured by all your personal experiences, stories and reminders to not FREAK OUT. You’re all amazing – thank you for sharing!

I’m still completely petrified about tomorrow’s appointment… I think the reality that this is our last scheduled blood test and that our next confirmation will be an ultrasound is terrifying. Terrifying, exciting and overwhelming all at once. Baby steps I guess – tomorrow we just need a nice strong beta number. Then it’s Christmas, family events and New Years.

The one thing I continue to remind myself of and that I try to find reassurance in … is that I feel pregnant. My body knows what it’s doing… It just needed some help making some beautiful embryos. Now it’s got it covered. And I need to as Pom stated: not freak out.