Photos & an Update:

Well… In an effort to fill the lull in news, I thought I would share just a little and post some long overdue Thanksgiving photos from this year.

My days have been looking much like this: I’m in bed around 8pm completely exhausted. I wake around 1 and 3 to eat crackers and or pee. Then I’m up for the day around 5am starving but feeling most productive. I’m beginning to see a consistent queasy pattern that starts around 10am and lasts until around 6pm. But I’m completely loving all of it! I think we are both in awe of the changes we’re already able to see as well as the ones we know are happening below the surface.

Next up – some photos from our Thanksgiving. This year my father had some increased food restrictions, so I had my first experience cooking the majority of our meal without dairy, traditional flour, corn or soy. It was a challenge but everything turned out wonderfully. My proudest moment being my gluten free coconut milk pumpkin pie! Note: we made some appetizers that we’re more traditional but the whole dinner was father approved – minus the corn turkey.

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