I can’t even wrap my brain around what to title this post… Let alone how to fill it out?

Our morning consisted of primarily nerves and anxiety. I’ve been sick – but not as sick as I thought I would be. I’ve been consistently puking each night but I guess I still hadn’t convinced myself I was solidly pregnant yet. So this reality created just enough room for some morning worries and frantic backup plan making.

We arrived at the doctor’s office on time but we’re made to wait for what felt like forever. Eventually finding out the reason was my doctor was observing the ultrasound. As soon as they started… My doctor asked how I’d been feeling and as I answered, I noticed her face began to light up… I slowly looked over to the ultrasound screen and there was no mistaking it. Two beautiful baby blobs… With incredible flickering hearts, beating away at 150bpm. Amazing… We both cried and have been crying sporadically since. In amazement… in gratitude and in overwhelmed awe. For now I’ll leave you with Baby A and Baby B… Until better blog names can be determined:

The Twins

Twin A

Twin B