Bulleted update:

Energy level is depleted but I thought it was time for a quick update.

  • Morning sickness is in full swing. Breakfast is hard and I have taken to eating a little when I wake and then going back to sleep for a ½ hour. This seems to keep my food down. Some improvement has been made by switching to eating many small meals as opposed to a few big ones but my gag reflux is powerful. Tooth brushing, smells and burping are highly dangerous.
  • I find I’m never really hungry and not much sounds edible but if I eat every hour I can keep stuff down… Until dinner time. I seem to be able to eat a little dinner and it stays down for a while but inevitable I’m puking around 9pm every night. No matter what I eat – how much I eat – or how full I feel. I puke.  
  • A few foods have been working. Fruit which has always upset my stomach in the past seems to be the safest venue. Cold apples, oranges and grape juice work well. Crackers, rice cakes and hearty wheat bread are also safe options. Plain cream-top organic yogurt and local homemade vanilla ice-cream seem tolerable. While all other dairy products are dangerous and protein has been hard to handle. I’m struggling with the increased calories (really… 2700-3000 daily) and trying to work it all out.  
  • I’m off the estrogen patches as my level came back around 1200 but will continue with the progesterone inserts twice a day for 2 more weeks then will be rechecked. We have our first OB appointment next Tuesday and I’ve officially graduated from the specialist. We will be discussing finding a perinatologist with them but plan to use that in addition to our OB not instead, as I like our OB office.
  • I’m feeling extremely exhausted – it seems to fluctuate each day but there are moments at work when I just want to pass out and I’m not sure how I’ll get to the end of the day. But I do and then I nap and feel somewhat restored.  
  • My tummy is growing fast – I guess that happens with two… Which is fun and exciting. J’s been bonding with my expanding waistline and our growing babies. Things have been sinking in a little more and we’ve decided to just relax our urge to figure everything out and try our best to let things progress without a bulleted plan for now. We’re having two babies and that’s quite amazing. We are blessed with love, good heath and a growing family and that’s incredible. We’re very lucky to be in this place.