8 Week Update

Well… Appointment today went really well. I’m measuring ahead of a singleton by a number of weeks. Which we assumed when my tummy started to pop last week. Pants are tight and my belly is starting to take some form. Even with the popping we were shocked that I dropped 2 pounds from my pre IVF weight but they didn’t seem worried.

I’m getting brave and adding a belly tab… Or I’m just trying to keep you all coming back with some photo substance to make up for my lacking posts…

We got to see our little babies today (who are much bigger from week 7) and watch their flickering hearts… So cool. The are less like blobs and more like little humans this week. However no pictures to post.

Lack of posting is due to exhaustion and feeling sick most of the day. Next OB appointment is in 4 weeks and shortly after that will be our first appointment with the perinatologist.

This weeks photo:

8 Week Twin Belly