Update on scary blood:

The kids are alright. They brought me in for an emergency ultrasound and the wait for the technician felt like an eternity. But she found them quickly and both are still doing really well. Both measure exactly the same – one day ahead at 8w4d. Heartbeats were 176 & 178. They were wiggling up a storm and shaking their little arms. But then baby B decided to take a nap and didn’t cooperate for a picture. And instead looked like a little shrimp.

Technician was beyond sweet and spent a great deal of time attempting to locate the source of the bleeding but couldn’t find anything. They think it may have just been irritation bleeding from the endometrin suppositories. I’m glad the frightening day has ended well and thank you for all the reassuring comments. Bleeding stopped shortly after it started and now I’ve just had a small amount of brown discharge. Much less scary.

Now for pictures… Taken with our camera because I can’t figure out the scanner.

Twin A Upside Down

Twin B the Shrimp