9 Week Update

Trying to think of ways to spruce up this post but failing. This will be a dull one only furthered by my need for bullets to reign in my thoughts.

  • Things have mellowed since the blood scare and I spent the weekend sleeping. I seem to sleep all the time. I take a nap in the AM after breakfast – in order to keep my food down. I take a nap after dinner before bed and I still can’t wait to crash for the night. It seems I’m always sleeping and I love it!
  • Morning sickness which had primarily been evening sickness – has reclaimed its given name and breakfast has been hard the last week. But this seems to fluctuate.
  • We made our first trip to BRUS (babies R US) – with the goals of scoping out the parking lot for larger car options and dipping our toes in the having babies pool. However, we got super overwhelmed… realizing practically everything needs to come in two now. We are completely over the moon excited about these two little growing babies but that doesn’t make us any less overwhelmed about how we’re actually going to make this happen. 
  • The double stroller we found… with a price tag of 659.00 won’t fit in either of our trunks… Still seeking solutions on that one?
  • I’ve updated the belly page with my weekly shot – however most of my growth this week seems to have been right above my pelvic bone and therefore it’s not as noticeable in the photo. But I can feel the stretching and of course there’s the fact that nothing’s really fitting. 
  • Both OB and parintologist appointments are scheduled for February 9th. In total it will be 4 hours of doctor appointments. Including a 1.5 hour ultrasound. Making it under a month until I’m 12 weeks!