10 Week Update

Week 10 highlights again in bullets. I promise at some point to return to actual complex sentences and thoughts…

  • Progesterone is finally finished. No more grossness! I didn’t think it would be so scary to stop taking it – I guess it became a slight crutch of protection.  
  • I’m officially in 100% maternity clothing. Up until last week I was still pulling off normal shirts but they just kept creeping higher and higher. And it’s cold out and the belly needs complete coverage.
  • Morning/all day sickness seems to be taking more lengthy breaks as of the last few days. It still comes back abruptly but I seem to be getting more times when I’m actually really hungry and less times of constant sickness. And it’s actually been a number of days since a puking episode. But as much as it was debilitating and frustrating… it did provide a nice reminder that this is actually happening.
  • Up until a few nights ago. I was only up to pee once nightly and most nights it wasn’t until about an hour before our normal wake time. This has completely changed. It’s now around 3 times a night like clockwork. 1am, 3am and 4:30… This wouldn’t be a huge deal except it’s becoming hard for me to fall back asleep after getting up and it doesn’t help that the bathroom is on our lower level. So when I get back upstairs I toss and turn trying to get comfortable.
  • Wintergreen tums have become highly necessary as heartburn is replacing my constant queasiness.   
  • I now look officially pregnant – updated proof on the belly page and below in a picture commemorating my transition to all maternity clothing. Ignore odd facial expression as it must be a mixture of exhaustion and heartburn.  

10 Weeks Maternity Clothing