11 Week Update

Another week of milestones. The most significant being how surreal and amazing it is to be 11 weeks pregnant. I’m almost to that always distant 12 week mark.

  • First up: Big thank yous go out to, 2 Mommy’s for the sea-bands suggestion and Poppycat for the water diagnosis. I hadn’t realized just how much water I was consuming at night until you mentioned your experience. So my night sleeping thanks you big time!
  • This past week I experienced what has been the worst of my morning sickness and in the process I eliminated some previous food favorites. Including jimmy johns, chipotle, fried anything and Chinese tofu soup.
  • The week did have some positive food moments that introduced new favorites including; onion bagels with cream cheese, popcorn, one specific type of pickles, shredded miniwheats and Greek yogurt. Random I know but absolutely delicious. Hilarious weekend moment when my wife walks into the kitchen to find me consuming peach Greek yogurt, sliced pickles and miniwheats all together.
  • On a slightly bleak note: I struggled immensely with not feeling pregnant this past week – even with the aforementioned constant sickness and my popping belly. The hormones got the best of me. I was consumed with vanishing twin panic attacks and a few “I just want to see our babies” moments. We snuggled on the couch and read about the common stages of grief and how applicable they’re to finding out you’re carrying twins. It brought everything home and the tears just kept coming.
  • I finally got out of the house for the first time Sunday afternoon. Still feeling sick but knowing I needed a change of scenery. We went to see Black*swan. Amazing acting, incredible plot but not the best film for my super queasy stomach. The finger scene… really? I thought I was going to puke. But I can thank the theater for my new found love of popcorn and sprite.
  • Belly page has been updated… I feel bigger but doing these weekly makes it harder to tell. I notice the growth in the way everything fits – especially my need for all new undies this last week. I can’t wait for next week’s peak inside and hopefully some more public sharing of our news. When did you all share the news? Or when do you plan to?