Hard week

This work week has been a muddle of… Midnight puking, heartburn, extreme exhaustion, moodiness and now… nose bleeds? It’s my third very sexy nose bleed in the last few days. And this one came on at work. Awesome. I guess they’re totally normal during pregnancy but they’re creeping me out.

I called in sick Wednesday (my first time since IVF) because the cat stole and hid my sea-bands overnight and I was sick from the second I got up. Sick and utterly frustrated at the overly happy cat. Our little Zelda got spayed last week and has been acting crazy since. I slept most of the day and felt a little better but the puking came on at night as usual. Lesson: no more taking off the sea-bands. They’re now a permanent fixture.

Last night it was an accomplishment to make it home from work without puking in the car… I’m so very ready for the weekend!

Ending with a few happy things to balance it all out: I’m excited I’m almost 12 weeks, I’m hopeful that all this sickness means there are two very healthy babies in there and I’m thinking this must be the worse before the better. Right???