12 Week Update

We’ve reached 12 weeks – an absolutely incredible feeling. I think I’m still waiting on tomorrow’s ultrasound to bring the reassurance that we still have two healthy happy babies in there. So today has been more of a subdued excitement but there has still been giddiness. It feels like such a secure place to be.

Just a few highlights for today and an updated belly page. Then I promise a more lengthy post tomorrow.

  • We can now see and feel my uterus just a few inches below my belly button! So neat.
  • The last 3 days have been puke free and I even had my first sit down restaurant success, where I ate a huge salad and a few pieces of my favorite pizza from this place. The pizza seemed to be made for pregnancy: Marinated mock duck, pineapple, banana peppers, red onions, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses on BBQ/red sauce. I almost died and didn’t get sick! It was great.
  • We bought our first huge twin item… Not ready to share just yet but I’ll post pictures real soon. As for now it’s still in the box untouched.  
  • Lastly… The reason we plan on finishing our telling this week… is primarily due to how hard it is to hide this:  

12 Weeks Maternity