Long but rewarding day

Well we made it home after 6 hours of baby appointments (including travel). I’m beyond exhausted but thrilled to share some photos of our beautiful babies… I’ve also included photos of our recent big purchase…a stroller. One that fits 2 infant car seats! Because we’re having twins. Exciting stuff… I think we’re finally feeling more ready to begin moving forward with tangible planning and big purchases.

The ultrasound was incredible. We watched as our babies yawned, sucked thumbs and rolled around. Both had strong heart rates in the upper 140’s and measured one day ahead. They’re filling out nicely and looked like adorable little people. You could see their knuckles clenching as they sucked their thumbs and we watched as their mouths opened and closed.

Then we grabbed lunch and headed to my 12 week OB appointment. Where everything went really well, minus my pitiful 1.5 pound weight gain which doesn’t even make up for my 2 pound loss over the first 8 weeks. So I left with a prescription for zofran to tackle the puking and some cream to treat a rash that developed on my chest. We got to hear the babies hearts beating and had lots of our “we’re having twins” questions answered.

Next appointment will be in 3 weeks and in the mean time we’ve been given the green light to begin telling. So we’ll start with more family members and eventually make an official FB announcement.

12 Week Twin Pictures

12 Week Twin A Profile

12 Week Twin B Profile

12 Week Twin Heads

Top View

Easywalker Duo Carseats

Easywalker Duo Stroller