Hello 2nd Trimester! Or close enough…

Well we made it… Some sites state the second trimester starts at the end of the 13th week and others list it at the beginning. So we’re going with beginning seeing as I won’t get to 40 weeks anyways.

It was another tough week but I’m hoping week 13 brings calmer waters. Here’s the weeks events in bullets.

  • Zofran has worked wonders. Puking is ceasing and weight is sticking.
  • My mood has been challenging lately and moving forward with anything plan related has been hard. I think all the struggles to get here and the prior miscarriages are still impacting my ability to think that we’ll actually get a happy ending from this pregnancy. So much so that my wife finally put together the stroller, I think to help me realize that this is really happening. So below is proof of our cats new favorite sleeping spot.
  • This last week also brought the onset of severe back pain. Pain that was triggered by a couch seeking extravaganza that resulted in an exciting new couch and some extreme back pain. Back pain that led me first to a sketchy chiropractor, then to my doctor’s office to make sure all was ok with the babies after the first appointment and finally to a legit chiropractor. So after it was all worked out I got a fun doppler listen to the babies at 13 weeks and finally some back relief.
  • Belly is growing, picture below and I’ve updated belly page.

Photos to keep you interested:

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