14 Week Update

Another challenging week but hopeful that this next week will bring some positive changes. Here’s a nice big update:  

  • Zofran has continued to be extremely helpful but only being allowed 3 pills a day resulted in the majority of last week still revolving around food challenges. Yesterday was the first day I didn’t use any pills which was quite an accomplishment. Too early to say if I’m turning a corner but ever little bit helps. On the TMI front… Unfortunately one bad result of lots of zofran is everything is completely blocked up and I’m feeling not only huge but really uncomfortable!
  • Back issues seem to be improving since starting with my new chiropractor. I’m going once a week for now and hopefully soon I will be switching to around twice a month.
  • I’m frustrated that I don’t seem to be gaining much weight and I know I’m not taking in anywhere near my doctors or Dr. Lukes suggested calories or protein for a twin pregnancy. I just don’t know what else I can do about it? I try to eat constantly and I feel I do eat lots but I know it’s not enough. It seems I may need to add meat in again (even if it makes me want to vomit) to help me reach my protein goals. I guess we’ll find out at next week’s OB appointment.  
  • Fun foods (or food like things) I’ve enjoyed adding over the last week include. Amy’s organic cheese pizza, pringles, watermelon, cucumbers, gummy bears, strawberries and root beer. I’ve decided I’m just going to try to eat period and not focus so much on eating only healthy things. If I can eat half a pizza that has 24 grams of protein… that sounds like a positive choice.  
  • Babies seem to be growing and I think I can tell more easily where they are in my tummy by hard lumps that protrude mostly on the left side but occasionally both. I’m feeling what I’m thinking is the beginning of movements. More like repeated fluttering primarily from baby B when I’m on my back. They feel like weird twisting motions.
  • Our home is taking on a real transformation. My wife is in the process of moving our upstairs living room to the basement to make a family room. Moving our main floor office downstairs and bringing a bed from the basement to put into the old office space. All with the goal of getting a bed on the main floor, so I’m not up and down the stairs all night peeing.
  • We bought a new living room set to replace the old one and hopefully it will be delivered in the next week or so. We stopped into lowes this past weekend and selected paint colors for the office and basement and there’s been lots going up on craigslist for free to make space. All this feels like exciting baby progress! We’re making space!
  • Just for creepy fun… The belly from the front… Because I can’t see my belly button anymore looking down and it’s morphing dramatically. Oh and I updated belly page.

14 Weeks twin belly front view