15 Week Update

Another successful week and some updates as I’m anxiously awaiting tomorrow’s appointment.

  • Eating and food in general is still a constant struggle. Some days are better and there was even a stretch of days when I used no nausea pills. I had been holding out on refilling my prescription, feeling like it would jinx my progress but yesterday I was only left with one pill. And sure enough it was the day where I needed many pills! I had to frantically call the doctors to get it refilled and wait and wait while cutting my pill in half and suffering all afternoon. Finally at 4PM they approved a refill and now I have my safety blanket again. And I’ve added ensure to hopefully boost my weight gain and protein intake. 
  • I’ve developed a constant stuffy nose that in the morning almost burns. Not pleasant and it makes for uncomfortable sleeping. Which I’m still needing tons of. I came home yesterday and passed out at 6:30 until it was time for bed at 10pm and then slept until 5:30AM. I’m still waiting on the 2nd trimester jolt of energy!  
  • I’ve now purchased another set of bras… My second upgrade and there seems to be no end in sight. They’re just huge and still really painful! My doctor says not to be concerned and that usually the pain is a good indication of strong milk production.
  • It’s already time to sign up for our birthing class. Which seems so real and scary. We were scheduled to start this weekend but switched to a class that starts the end of March. It’s hard to get into the multiples classes as they’re not offered very often and they want you to complete them so early. So we will be completely at a different hospital.
  • So a baby shower question. All the other twin moms in my online community (with adjusted due dates of July) are scheduling their showers starting in APRIL and MAY!!! A few are closer to the very beginning of June but that’s the very latest. I understand that bed rest is really common and it could be as early as the beginning of May but all this just seems so soon. I’m not even convinced we still have two babies in their most days, so how am I suppose to wrap my head around having a shower in the next 4-8 weeks??? Do I ask someone to plan a shower? Or do I plan it myself? Also is it better to have a few small showers splitting up all the varied communities we’re a part of our one large one?    
  • Office transformation is in full swing and most of the room has been painted, photos to follow soon. It will be a really nice guest room and a perfect room for the remainder of the pregnancy; as its right next to the bathroom! Hopefully we can move in early next week and then the process to get all the office stuff into the basement (and out of the living room) will begin. 
  • Fun fact: My feet have disappeared completely unless I tip my pelvis back considerable. And my belly has rounded out (proof on belly page) and I’m already sizing out of most of my maternity clothing. We went out this past weekend and I got a few additional items to hopefully get me to warmer weather.

 I’ll update again after tomorrow’s appointment and we’ll have a date set for our anatomy scan! Oh and here’s a picture from last week.  

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