happy healthy babies

Well there are some healthy growing babies in there. They’re big and quite active. Currently they’re in bunk bed position with each head meeting the other twins feet.

Today went really well and now appointments will start increasing in frequency and I will begin going intermittently to the specialist for growth scans. Meaning I will have an appointment around every 2 weeks beginning at the end of the month. I’m measuring b.i.g… Doctor thinks I will reach singleton full term size around 26-28 weeks. Or around 10-12 weeks from now.

Since my last appointment I gained 3 pounds (making my total gain about 4.5 pounds) which is still on the low side but I’ve added some protein shakes and increased my calories again. So hopefully things will just continue trending up.

I wasn’t expecting an ultrasound today but my doctor decided it was far easier to assess the twins visually. So we put the doppler away and I got a nice long viewing session of the babies. Confirming the movements I’ve been feeling are indeed babies and not gas or something less exciting.

Had I known today would be an ultrasound appointment I would have had J come along because the doctor could clearly tell us the sex of both babies today. The doctor looked at me saying we have a really nice bottom shot here would you like to know the sex… I paused but replied, I can’t find out alone. So we’re still in the dark. To which my doctor smiled big and said alright but they’re really beautiful!

Feeling such relief and confidence in our growing babies. Doctor said I can stop worrying about vanishing twin syndrome. These babies are here to stay! So that must mean it’s time to start making plans. Anatomy scan and our next OB appointment will be scheduled for the last two weeks of March.