16 Week Update

16 Week Belly Growth Spurt

Week 16 feels like quite the accomplishment. It’s about 4 months I’ve been housing these beautiful babies of ours. And wow did they have a growth spurt this last week as my belly has truly popped – see picture proof . Even requiring new pajama pants to accommodate. I’m being asked daily when I’m due and I’m starting to notice random stranger’s eyes resting on my belly.

This last week brought on some legitimate morning sickness relief but has yet to produce my appetite. I’m still struggling to get in calories and protein but have been reintroducing a few previously banned items successfully. Dairy is back on my safe list along with a few veggies I’d been avoiding. I’m working in some turkey jerky (gross I know) but it packs so much protein into such a small amount. Bananas and jalapeno cheetos are a few of my new obsessions. I know horrible choice in the unnaturally orange cheese snack but I can’t help myself.

House is still under constant upheaval but major progress is being made. We’re almost ready to move to the main floor with just a few remaining finishing touches. Our new couch came this past weekend which was perfect timing as we also bought a ROKU that was delivered on Friday… Which I think is the best invention for non cable households. Or the worst… I spent hours watching old TV shows, new TV episodes I’d missed and streaming Netflix on our TV. My selling point for buying it was you only pay once, no monthly subscription like cable and when the babies come, I’m guessing the only time we’ll be watching TV is when infomercials or 3AM news programs are broadcasting. So this way we can watch missed shows whenever we want!

This last week I also had the opportunity to meet up with a local twin mom. Who lives just a few blocks from us and whose blog I read diligently! I find myself reading and rereading her posts – attempting to saturate all her knowledge. So it was really great to meet in person and I even got the chance to hold a gorgeous sleeping baby.

Some more tangible planning is occurring and as scary as that step is, it also feels really positive. Some wonderful people are helping to plan us showers which will be happening in May… Yes 2 months away! But I figure in two months I will be measuring near full term for a singleton pregnancy and I’m sure the timing will seem more appropriate. I think the plan is to start our registry after our next big ultrasound which is 3 weeks out!!! Glad we have a busy next few weeks because I’m not sure how I would otherwise survive the wait.