Slight scare – but all is fine

I had a slight scare yesterday that required an emergency doctor appointment. I started having a difficult time breathing on Wednesday night followed by two dizzy spells. Thursday morning wasn’t much better and my recurring bloody nose/ congestion wasn’t helping. They had me come in. Everything was fine and babies weren’t in distress from my labored breathing.

Causes seem to be increased blood flow to the face (pregnancy symptom) causing constant stuffy nose (pregnancy symptom) along with possible upper respiratory distress and then the fact that I’m measuring 7-8 weeks ahead!!! Doctor measured 3 times to confirm. Conclusion babies are taking up lots of space now causing me to get more winded, which when your nose isn’t working properly… can cause problems.

So I have a fun nasal spray system I’m to do 3 times daily which I think is already helping. It was a scary day but I’m relieved everyone is alright in there and I’m happy to be breathing a little deeper now.

Happy Friday!